Speaker: David Craig

Vain Things

Sermon starts at 43:27 The Bible speaks of vain words, vain works, and vain worship. People are busily chasing bubbles. Rather, seek that which is true and good for your soul.

Jesus Expects…

The Lord Jesus expects some things from Christians. Here’s what He wants from you… From Aussie preacher David Craig.

Without Guile!

God’s people should be marked by their language – that it be alike to their Master’s – without guile.

Be a Barnabas!

Know that the God of all Comfort, even the Comforter, the Paraklete, is the One Who will enable you to

Hearing Hearts

A call to hear and understand the Word of the Lord. Will our hearts find this wisdom? A message by David Craig.

Power To Serve

God’s Spirit is given to be our power source for energising us in the service of our Lord. Will

If Ye Love Me

Exhortation to love the Lord, in the context of the Lord’s Supper – from David Craig.