Speaker: Andrew Craig

Hold Fast

Sermon starts at: 21:34 Hold Fast… Hold fast the form of sound words. When everything is slip sliding away we need to hold fast the Word. There’s a pattern God has established. As in...

Vain Things

Sermon starts at 43:27 The Bible speaks of vain words, vain works, and vain worship. People are busily chasing bubbles. Rather, seek that which is true and good for your soul.

Build Up One Another

Sermon starts at 27:59 Build up one another – edify one another – what does this mean and how do we do it? A challenge to be a builder not a wrecker.

Today… Exhort One Another

Sermon starts at 36:43 TODAY – EXHORT ONE ANOTHER… Just for today, make this your decision. An exhortation to ‘exhort one another’, daily…. A call to be an encourager… When? While it is called...

Wimps -or Warriors?

Sermon starts at 22:40 Wimps or Warriors? Will we stand and be counted? A call to courage in a time of spiritual attack. A plea for radical faith, to boldness.


Sermon starts at 48:17 Judgment – a call to exercise judgment and use needful Biblical discernment in these darkening days where political correctness prevails and truth speech is banned.

Press On

Press on! We have a race to run. Philippians 3:14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Even 30 years after his conversion, Paul...

Old Paths

Millions have taken the wrong turn, craving for the emptiness of the world. The trendy church has lost its true power. There is need of the old standard, the old school, and the old...