Category: Power

Run the Race

Looking unto Jesus, the race of the faith people means a running from sin, a running with stamina, and finishing strong. Are you in the race?


Three things to commit. Commit your Way – your plans, your life – to God’s glory. Commit your Works – your energy, strength, influence, and labour. And Commit to communicating the Word and declaring...

Take, Eat

A simple exhortation around the Lord’s Table. Communion with Christ means an examination within and without. Do we judge ourselves? Do we rightly discern?

Catch the Vision

What does vision mean? It brings discovery, direction, and a sense of dimension. A heavenly vision makes life on earth make sense. It brings a path before us and an eternity in the present...


Many are lacking in spiritual nutrition. Are you a growing Christian? Have you had your recommended daily intake? Some keys for being refreshed daily by God’s Word, spiritually fruitful, fresh and alive.