Category: Fire

The Wrath of God

A confronting message. The Biblical doctrine of God’s wrath. It’s His holy hatred. Our God is a consuming fire. Flee from the wrath to come. Run to the sure Refuge – Jesus. Damnation, Danger,...

God Manifested

An encounter with the invisible God, Who has made Himself known. He is not far removed or hidden away. He visits us. His presence is evident, with His worshiping people. God is manifested, in...


Faithfulness is commended. It is enabled by God’s Spirit, a fruit in us of Christ’s character. We see the footprints

Get Fired Up!

It’s time for the fire, in our Gifts, God’s Glory, in promoting the Gospel, and within the Gathering of God’s

Hell is Real

Hell is the dread future destiny for those who reject Jesus Christ in this life. A place of torment, forever,

Revival Fire

Our God is a consuming fire. Fire in the Word of God manifests His presence, and shows His way.