Category: Courage

Today… Exhort One Another

Sermon starts at 36:43 TODAY – EXHORT ONE ANOTHER… Just for today, make this your decision. An exhortation to ‘exhort one another’, daily…. A call to be an encourager… When? While it is called...

Wimps -or Warriors?

Sermon starts at 22:40 Wimps or Warriors? Will we stand and be counted? A call to courage in a time of spiritual attack. A plea for radical faith, to boldness.


Faithfulness is uncommon. It means being stedfast, loyal, trustworthy. Unfaithfulness has caused much damage. Our Lord commends faithfulness. Don’t give up. Be amongst the faithful – who can be counted on. It takes courage....

Run the Race

Looking unto Jesus, the race of the faith people means a running from sin, a running with stamina, and finishing strong. Are you in the race?