Category: Heaven

Heaven on Earth?

Heaven speaks to us of a ruler, a relationship, and a reward. Are we involved with the work of extending His kingdom? Are you a Heaven born citizen, a member of the Royal Family?

Resurrection Life

He is not here. He is risen! Once dead in sins, we have LIFE, and VICTORY, raised up together with Him and made to sit together in Heavenly places in Christ.

Catch the Vision

What does vision mean? It brings discovery, direction, and a sense of dimension. A heavenly vision makes life on earth make sense. It brings a path before us and an eternity in the present...

The Foolishness of Preaching (Whole Service)

God blessed preaching is His method to reach His world. We must have the forthright declaration of authoritative, Biblical preaching. The Word of the Lord – the precious soul-saving Gospel. Christ must be preached....