Church for You: Bible-based Family Church in South Australia


How to be Blessed: The ABCs of Blessing (Psalm 1)

The blessed man in Psalm 1. Two roads – two destinies. Will you walk the pathway to blessing – or to destruction? Where is true happiness found? Will you be found in the assembly...


Ready, Set, Go!

Sermon starts at 51:30 Hebrews 12 – Farewell service for Pastor Adam Gibbs *Some audio problems*


Today… Exhort One Another

Sermon starts at 36:43 TODAY – EXHORT ONE ANOTHER… Just for today, make this your decision. An exhortation to ‘exhort one another’, daily…. A call to be an encourager… When? While it is called...


Build Up One Another

Sermon starts at 27:59 Build up one another – edify one another – what does this mean and how do we do it? A challenge to be a builder not a wrecker.